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Konkuk University Medical Center holds a direct billing agreement with numerousinternational insurance companies. Cashless serviceis provided for privatemedical insurance holders of the companies under contract with KUMC. Please presentyour insurance card and necessary documents requested by your insurance companywhen you visit the International Clinic.


Issance of Medical Certificates & Test results

Requirement for permission to view confidential medical records Confidential medical records shall be provided to those with The list below shows the requirements for permission to view confidential medical records. These documents have been specified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

  • Patient: ID,application for medical records
  • Patient's family members or authorized persons: ID, application for medical records anda power of attorney
  • Legal guardians of patients with mental disabilities: ID, certificate of relation with respectto the patient, application for his/her medical records
  • Legal counseling: ID, Documents permitting the inspection of medical records

Application process of medical records

  1. Application
  2. Application :Ask the document for issuing medical records in the department
  3. Submit it to the processing counter
  4. Pay the processing fee for medical records or other necessary documents
  5. Get the medical record sheets stamped with the official hospital seal
    (Medical records are not valid without this seal.)
Copy images & CD :
Submit an application to the processing counter (B1) > Pay processing fees > Wait 10~15 minutes > Pick it up from the counter
Note :
Patients should carry their ID. A representative or a legal guardian should have his/her ID and a corresponding power of attorney.