H Healthcare Center Procedure


Konkuk University Healthcare center always cares about our customers first and will strive to be partners for a healthy future The following is the health examination procedure.

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Reservation(Weekday:08 00am~4 30pm, SAT:8 00am~11 30am

Visitation : Konkuk University Hospital B1 Healthcare center

Internet: http://www.kuh.ac.kr/center

Phone : 1588-1533

F A X : 02)2030 - 5709

Reservation confirmation

2weeks before examination letters will be sent regarding the procedure

1week before examination a call of confirmation will be sent.

1 day before examination a SMS will be sent


B1 healthcare cetner information desk

Turn in prepared materials(sheets, stool box)

Clear out any outstanding balance


Move to dressing room.

Change into the provided gown and slippers (remove accessories)

Valuables maybe stored seperately.


once changed follow the guide and proceed with the urine testing.

Result & Consultation

Some test result maybe ready on the same day, but a comprehensive result will take 4~5days

Visitation, phone, internet maybe used to retrive the results