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About Healthcare Center

Have a rest and revitalize your mind and body The Konkuk University Healthcare
Center recreates your life with our
special medical checkup service.

Enter a world of sophistication and comfort at the Konkuk University Healthcare Center covering an area of 2,332m . A wide variety of healthcare services, including professional counseling and advice on your diet, exercise, esthetics,stress management and psychological balance, in addition to our medical checkup service will enhance the joy of a healthy life.

Premium Total Lifestyle Care '(Recreation)'Healthcare Program

Experience Korea's first comprehensive lifestyle and healthcare program Experience Korea's first comprehensive lifestyle and healthcare program by staying at The Classic 500. Receive a medical check up and an antiaging/ revitalization diagnosis after a review of your lifestyle habits of exercise and nutrition.

  • 1:1 Personal
    Nursing Care
    1:1 Personal Nursing Care image We offer customized, one-on-one medical checkup services with the assistance of a personal nurse. Let us take care of your overall health by improving your lifestyle habits through professional advice on exercise and nutritional balance.
  • Customized Exercise
    Counseling Service
    Customized Exercise Counseling Service image We help you to continuously maintain your health and add vitality to your life by offering advice on necessary exercises for various health conditions and through our individual monitoring system based on our computerized personal history management system.
  • Anti-aging
    Lifecare Program
    Anti-aging Lifecare Program image Our special anti-aging program, which covers a broad range of conditions from Alzheimer, hair loss, and dentaltreatment to psychological counseling services following cancer surgery, takescare of both your physical and mental health.

Star Doctors Network

Our established network of the best doctors of each field enables immediate joint treatment of high-risk patients

doctors image

Meet Korea's distinguished doctors at Konkuk University Medical Center Healthcare Center. Headed by Professor Chan Sup Shim, a world-renown scholar in gastroenterology, the Health Promotion Center offers integrated medical services through skilled medical professionals in each field, including cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology. aintain a healthier life with joint treatment from our best doctors.

Personally conducted examinations by experts from each field, most of whom are full-time professors at the University, heightens the accuracy of each diagnosis made at Konkuk.

Ultrasonography and echocardiography are conducted by specialists.

Endoscopies are performed by full-time professors of gastroenterology.
CT, MRI, EKG and pulmonary function tests are interpreted by experts of each field at the spot.

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State-of-the-art Medical Equipment

We offer efficient and highly-accurate examination and diagnosis of the causes of major illnesses

Medical Equipmen image

Medical Equipmen organization chart

Reap the benefits of medical care based on state-of-the-art equipment. The Konkuk University Medical Center Healthcare Center,composed of specialized centers, including the Cancer Center and the Cardiovascular Center, has the capacity to provide accurate examination of fatal diseases for patients over 40, such as cancer, and cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, patients can be reassured with our examinations using cutting-edge equipment, including PET-CT, 3.O tesla MRI and transnasal endoscopy.

  • Detailed and Accurate
    Examination System
    Detailed and Accurate Examination System image Patients can enjoy minimized waiting times and efficient, accurate examinations through our selection of state-of-the-art equipment, including RFID system and OCR scan method.
  • PET-CT: Early
    rdetection of cancer
    PET-CT: Early rdetection of cancer image The PET-CT, a hi-tech equipment which distinguishes benign tumors from the malignant using three-dimensional imaging technology, enables the early detection of cancer cells and efficient, accurate diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases, such as dementia.
  • Convenient Capsule/
    Transnasal Endoscopy
    Convenient Capsule/Transnasal Endoscopy image Examinations are made convenient through cuttingedge equipment, such as capsule endoscopy, a new technique which examines the small intestines, and transnasal endoscop y, a test conducted through the nose which allows the patient to converseduring an examination.

By gathering all wisdom on health

we will take care and look after your body and mind so that you can lead happier, healthier lives.
We offer multi-dimensional life-long healthcare services.
We offer you the key to an ultimately more satisfying, fuller and healthier life.

Medical Equipmen image

Your personal doctor. The Konkuk University Healthcare Center offers the most fulfilling experience with our convenient, differentiated medical checkup system, and the sincere consideration of our prestigious doctors and staff.

  • Happy Woman Zone
    Detailed and Accurate Examination System image An independent space for specialized tests for women, such as gynecologic cancer and breast cancer tests, the Happy Woman Zone offers patients both convenience and privacy. Examination rooms and counseling rooms are separated to offer the betst of comfort and convenience.
  • VIP Waiting Room
    PET-CT: Early rdetection of cancer image An exclusive resting place for VIPs, complete with a high quality massage chair, personal changing room/shower, office area and dining room, the VIP Waiting Room offers personal medical treatment and counseling.
  • Continuing Customer
    Convenient Capsule/Transnasal Endoscopy image Our efforts to enhance the quality of a healthier life continue even after your medical examination by providing healthcare information for the prevention of illnesses and healthcare.