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Nuclear medicine

About Nuclear Medicine

  • The department has served a medical specialty and stability involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Main Tests/ Exams

  1. 1. in vivo
  2. 2. in vitro
  3. 3. Radioisotope Therapy
  4. 4. Brain SPECT
  5. 5. Brain F-18 FP-CIT PET
  6. 6. Radioactive iodine Therapy
  7. 7. Myocardium SPECT
  8. 8. Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  9. 9. Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI)

Medical team introduction

Responsible professor Clinical specialty
SO, Young, M.D.,Ph.D. SO, Young, M.D.,Ph.D.
- PET/CT in thyroid cancer and Lung cancer
- Radioiodine therapy in thyroid cancer
- Diamox brain perfusion SPECT in Moya Moya disease
CHUNG, Hyun-woo, M.D.,Ph.D. CHUNG, Hyun-woo, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Gamma camera imaging
- Radionuclide therapy (esp. thyroid cancer)