H Department & Center Departments Pediatrics


About Pediatrics

  • The department is for children and youths; it not only treats general diseases but also performs infant care counseling, periodic health checks, vaccination, and special clinic care. It has the features of an education and training hospital and a research institute.

Major Diseases

  1. 1. Epilepsy
  2. 2. Headache
  3. 3. Constipation treatment
  4. 4. Obesity
  5. 5. Diarrhea
  6. 6. Child chest pain
  7. 7. Child asthma
  8. 8. Food allergy
  9. 9. Allergic rhinitis
  10. 10. Short stature
  11. 11. School-age children health care

Main Tests/ Exams

  1. 1. Obesity Clinic
  2. 2. Child atopic dermatitis
  3. 3. Child hepatitis Clinic
  4. 4. Child epilepsy Clinic
  5. 5. Child kidney Clinic
  6. 6. Child allergy Clinic

Medical team introduction

Responsible professor Clinical specialty
Kim, Kyo-sun, M.D.,Ph.D. Kim, Kyo-sun, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Hematuria, Proteinuria, Nephritic Symptom, Nephritis
- Chronic Renal Disease
- Urinary tract Infection, Enuresis, Unstable bladder
KIM, Min-hee, M.D.,Ph.D. KIM, Min-hee, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Neonatology
- Very Low Birth Weight Infant
- Follow Up Clinic
CHUNG, So-chung, M.D.,Ph.D. CHUNG, So-chung, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Growth and Obesity in children and adolescents
- Body composition and Hormonal changes during growth and puberty
- Effect of endocrine disorder on body composition during growth
BAE, Sun-hwan, M.D.,Ph.D. BAE, Sun-hwan, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Division of Pediatric gastroenterology, Hematology
- Constipation in children
- Hepatitis & Cholestasis in neonate and children
- Gastroduodenal Endoscopy
PARK, Yong-mean, M.D.,Ph.D. PARK, Yong-mean, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Pediatric Allergic Diseases
- Pediatric Respiratory Diseases
LEE, Ran, M.D.,Ph.D. LEE, Ran, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Pediatric seizure disorder
- Developmental disorder
- Pediatric headache
Kim, Soo-jin, M.D.,Ph.D. Kim, Soo-jin, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Congenital and pediatric cardiology
- Pulmonary hypertension
SON, Jae-sung, M.D.,Ph.D. SON, Jae-sung, M.D.,Ph.D.
- Congenital heart disease
- Kawasaki disease
- Hypertension, Syncope, Chest pain, Arrhythmia
PARK, Hye-won, M.D. PARK, Hye-won, M.D.
- Prematurity
- Congenital heart disease
- Congenital anomaly