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Liver Center

About Liver Center

Konkuk University Medical Center is patient centered medical service for patients that it serves gastroenterology, surgery, transplantation surgery, Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology for managing the efficient cooperated system.

Liver Center is carrying to develop of new medicines not only for preventing but also for examine to treatment the patients

Major Disease

  1. 1.Hepatocirrhosis
  2. 2.Liver Cancer
  3. 3.Acute hepatitis A
  4. 4.Chronic hepatitis B
  5. 5.Chronic hepatitis C
  6. 6.Nonalcoholic liver fatty
  7. 7.Alcoholic Liver

Main Tests/ Exams

  1. 1.Hepatocellular Carcinoma-Resection and Transplantation
  2. 2.Liver Cirrhosis Complication Treatment
  3. 3.Transcatheter Arterial Chemo Embolization
  4. 4.Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation and Ethanol Injection Therapy
  5. 5.Radiation Therapy
  6. 6.Cancer Drug Therapy