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Clinical Trial Center

About Clinical Trial Center

The Clinical Trial Center is carrying our large-scale clinical trials and national projects aimed at the development of new medicines and the expansion of the infrastructure of the medical technology industry.

Clinical Trials Center is unwaveringly committed to research and development in the field of medical knowledge and technology. Along with such effort we are strengthening our core capabilities in biomedical research by building a highly sophisticated trials center and biomedical research center.

Clinical Trials Support Staff

  1. Clinical Research Physician
  2. Clinical Pharmacologist
  3. Clinical Pharmacist
  4. Clinical Statistician

Clinical Trails Consulting

  1. Protocol Development
  2. CRF Development
  3. Monitoring & Q/A
  4. Data Management
  5. Statistical Consultation
  6. Trails Design


  1. Research Wards
  2. Clinical Research OPD
  3. Clinical Trials Pharmacy
  4. Monitoring Room
  5. CRC Room
  6. Document Storage Room
  7. Core Lab