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Colorectal cancer center

About Colorectal cancer center

The colorectal cancer center of Konkuk University Medical Center consists of experts in the area of colorectal cancer to treat colorectal cancer exclusively. The colorectal cancer center has Professor Hwang Dae-Yong as director and many colorectal cancer-related professors plus dedicated nurses.
The medical team of the center consists of, first, surgical treatment teams dedicated to colorectal cancer surgery and treatment involving colorectal cancer surgery, treatments before and after surgery, and chemotherapy and surgical treatment teams dedicated to colorectal cancer metastasis to the liver. In addition, the colorectal cancer center has digestive organ internal medicine teams that diagnose colorectal cancer and perform colonoscopic treatment of early colorectal cancer, radiology teams that inform patients of the progress of the disease through CT images before and after treatment, nuclear medicine teams that analyze colorectal cancer images through PET, etc.
blood tumor internal medicine teams that attempt new chemotherapy through radiation therapy and clinical trials, pathology teams that accurately diagnose the disease through these tissues and surgical tissues, and health screening medicine teams that perform gene tests with blood. Furthermore, medical teams specializing in cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery that treat colorectal cancer metastasis to the lung, bones, and brain and medical teams specializing in colorectal cancer anesthesia and pain are operated in the colorectal cancer center, which also has wards and nurses dedicated to anticancer drug treatment and nurses dedicated to rectal fistula and scars.