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Cardiovascular center

About Cardiovascular center

The Cardiovascular center is manned by nine doctors specializing in internal medicine for cardiology, thoracic surgery, and pediatric cardiology. This state-of-the-art center is equipped with an outpatient room, a coronary care unit (CCU), a cardiovascular room, a cardio-function check room, and an angiography room.

Main Equipment and Areas of Diagnosis
  • Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, ischemic heart diseases, heart failure, cardiac valve diseases, arrhythmia, aortic diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, etc.
  • Hereditary heart diseases, myocarditis, pericardial diseases, pulmonary embolism, heart tumor, etc.
  • Coronary artery bypass, valve replacement, aortic surgery, peripheral vascular bypass Cardiovascular angiography, coronary angioplasty, etc.