H About KUMC Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


We will embrace the philosophy of our establishment: "save people with healthcare".
We will fulfill our mission by utilizing the talents within our organization.
We will collaborate with others who share our vision to contribute to the healthy
lives of the human community through high-level healthcare, education and research.


Beyond the BEST

Be future-oriented to
continuously enhance
medical services
Work to create a brighter
chapter with the hospital
Engage in medical
treatment with the best
techniques and specialty
Provide specialty for firstclass
medical treatment
Build a patient-centered
system to provide prompt
integral medical service
Build the optimum structure
for smooth communication
and decision-making
Commit to a respect for life;
hence build trust between
patients and the hospital
Serve as a community and
build trust among the


  • Medical Treatment Oriented

    We will aim to meet the 21st century with the medical service which provides high-quality medical treatments using state of the art medical equipments and modern medical technology.

  • Patient Oriented

    We will provide first-class medical service with the patients as the central point of attention.

  • Education AND Research Oriented

    We will seek to endorse talented persons who will become major stakeholders for the 21st century in medical practice.

  • Harmony of Workplace culture

    We will endeavor to be compassionate and provide innovative care in order to create mutual trust between the hospital and its stakeholders.

  • Change AND Future

    We will continually build trust in our name of KUMC through conscientious self-assessment and respond accordingly to future changes.