H About KUMC Greetings


Welcome to the homepage of Konkuk University Medical Center.

Konkuk University Medical Center was established by Dr. YOO, Suk-chang for impoverished civilians in 1931. The hospital was founded with his devotion to the provision of unreserved medical service to help people. Konkuk University Medical Center endeavors to carry on his will of providing sheer dedication in medical practice.

Konkuk University Medical Center was reborn in the year of 2005 as a response to the rapid changes in medical environments and in order to provide high-quality medical service. The new hospital provides 870 sickbeds and occupies 83,000 square meters in total space. The new structure consists of 13 floors above ground and 4 floors underground. Moreover, the hospital has adopted a fully-digitalized medical chart system, paired with state of the art medical equipments. Our medical professionals and staff are united to provide the patients with medical care of the highest quality. Under these high standards, Konkuk University Medical Center strives to provide you the most pleasant experience in receiving medical treatment. Konkuk University Medical Center will continue to grow with a goal to emerge as a true global medical center. The same effort will continue to be shown on our homepage. It will provide practical and meaningful medical information to its viewers.

Furthermore, we will humbly take your valuable opinions into account and dutifully reflect on them with respect to the various operations of the hospital. We will try to make significant contributions to fulfill personal needs and care with an openness that affirms life and healing.

We look forward to seeing you here at Konkuk University Medical Center.